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Pre diabetic think iv moved onto diabetic

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Duprasi Sat 12-May-18 12:15:28

During my last pregnancy I ended up with gestational diabetes after dd2 was born and I was re-tested i was classed as pre diabetic.
My next blood test is in the 22nd so I've been using my old blood test kit to keep an eye
Fasting was 7.5
Hour after lunch a bit too unhealthy but not excessive 9.8 and rising (wierd shifts wierd meal times)

Am I right in thinking these numbers arnt good? Is there anything at this stage I can do?
We've changed our diet but obviously not enough and I can't find any more time to excersise I get 15 hours a week with DH over 3 evenings not counting being asleep and cycling for an hour each night eats into the little time we get together

My weight is 15st 5lb ish its taken 5 months to loose 6lb and keep it off iv been stuck at this weight for a month dispite starting cycling to try and shift more

I'm 167 cm so my bmi is just over the obease line 31 I think
I hit 10,000 steps 6 out of 7 days i cant count at work days but would probably hit 15,000 4 days a week, cycle 3 times a week 4-5 miles

OrchidInTheSun Sat 12-May-18 12:19:35

Blood Sugar Diet - it's reversed a lot of people's pre-diabetes. There's a thread on here in weight loss, a book and a website (where you can go for support and guidance).

It really does work smile

Normandy144 Sat 12-May-18 12:30:17

What kind of healthy diet are you following and how much carbs are you eating? As previous poster suggests please try the blood sugar diet which really works - apologies if this is what you are already doing. NHS guidance on healthy eating is frankly awful for diabetes.

Duprasi Sat 12-May-18 12:51:02

Sorry major drip feed I have a fairly restrictive diet intolerance's to dairy and wheat not proper allergies though but bad cranps and loose bm, mild allergy to soya
I don't have a gall bladder either so no fats and can't manage much fibre I'm on Questeran for life to help manage this so better than i used to be

Iv not heard of the blood sugar diet I'll habe a look hopefully it'll suit but if not maybe it can be tweaked

Takfujuimoto Sat 12-May-18 12:59:18

What do you eat in a typical week?
It would be helpful to know so anyone can point out bits that would need to be cut out/reduced.

There's lots of things that seem healthy and are but to a diabetic the carb content will cause a high BS reading.

I can't eat carrots or porridge for example or even normal milk.

Duprasi Sat 12-May-18 13:23:33

I don't tend to eat breakfast not enough time and eating my lunch at 10.30 me and I wont be hungry

Lunch examples are
small pork pie salad coleslaw pickled onions or gerkins
(2x a week) Pea and ham soup home made and 1 slice white toast can't manage wholemeal agonizing cramps
Leftovers curry or a spag bol no pasta or rice if lunch
Halloumi salad 2 slices off a block with cooked veg
Sometimes a tuna sandwich
Maybe once a month half a cheap pizza if waiting for payday

Dinner about 4.30 3 nights a week 7.30 3 nights one night at 9 due to shifts
Cheese and crackers more salad and pickles though
Quiche not eating crust with salad
Jacket spud and prawns or beans don't eat skin lots of salad
Spag bol some pasta
Fish and chips 6-8 big chips in the fryer
In the winter lots of stew

Haven't missed out much not a fruit fan might snack on a few grapes or satsuma wjen doing lunch boxes Mondays and Thursdays
Have cut out fizzy drinks used to drink a lot 3 months ago, not often puddings trying to cut them out

Takfujuimoto Sat 12-May-18 19:56:21

Wow, sounds really restrictive already 😕

From your list the things that stand out are,
Pork pie, the pastry should be avoided.
Pea from the soup, peas are higher carb veg
Any bread, sandwich or pizza bases high carbs.
Crackers depending on which type and how many can also spike your BS but the cheese ( which is mainly fat) should help counteract the effect.
Coleslaw, the 'sauce' can be quite sugary surprisingly in many shop made ones.

Fish and chips, fried foods and batter will give you a higher reading even if you didn't have a few chips because the batter is made with flour.

I feel so mean because you obviously have a lot of foods you can't eat already for other issues.

It will be hard to find meals to make taking note of the fibre and fat issue as foods high in fibre and fat along side protein and low carb veggies is a good way to keep your BS levels even.

Could you ask to see a diabetic nurse from your GP surgery and give them a list of what foods you have to avoid and see if they can come up with some ideas?

Duprasi Sun 13-May-18 09:30:14

I see my dietition quite regularly she's the one who finally got me on Questeran love her to bits so will discus with her next time I'm in only a few weeks away,

Fasting this morning was 6.7 I had a large pot noodle for dinner at 5 awful I know but nan has dementia and by the time i sorted her out the dog ate my dinner off the side angry I find it wierd that was lower than fish and chips the night before not battered just white fish with a flavour on top

Iv had a look at the blood sugar diet website no way can i afford membership so will have a look for the book on eBay later but if Iv got the jist of it then it's the same diet I was on with gestational diabetes

Meal wise crackers maybe 3 cream crackers, fish is non battered just flavour on top garlic lemon ect
Had no idea about the peas such a shame only recently tried the soup and love it id have it every meal if I could I'll tweak the recipe more other veg less peas see if that helps

niccyb Mon 21-May-18 18:08:57

Some of the advice on here is quite odd?? Peas are not counted in terms of carbohydrates as they are a vegetable??

Diabetes U.K. has all info re diabetes and you could look at diabetes and
Your weight will be the major factor here and if you can lose the weight, it will help reduce it.
Have you thought Of slimming world or weight watchers?

TheMouseTrap Thu 14-Jun-18 17:24:19

Low carb high fat diet may be beneficial. DUK have a good website with recipes for low carb meals.

TheMouseTrap Thu 14-Jun-18 17:26:42

Apologies, just seen your food intolerances.

chuntersalot Thu 14-Jun-18 17:44:06

Type 2 with Gallbladder issues here.

You probably know but you should test 2 hours after a meal and it’s a good idea to test before to see what your ‘rise’ was. Agree with others that LCHF, modified as best you can, is what you need.
First though you should have a HbA1C test done at your surgery to confirm if you have moved into Diabetes numbers. Then if so you may be given some medication options.
Oh and I made the mistake of thinking there can’t be many carbs in peas 😮 spiked at 10.5 after eating avocado and peas for lunch once. Haven’t touched peas since but avocado is still a staple of my diet and wasn’t the culprit 😁

chuntersalot Thu 14-Jun-18 18:10:53

Sorry just noticed you have a test booked. You will have a lot more information about what is happening after that.

goose1964 Thu 16-Aug-18 23:40:23

Similar problem re fats, peas seriously spike me too. I couldn't handle the fat in a pork pie though. I find reheated or cold pasta doesn't spike me at all , I fact reheated veg curry and rice can cause my numbers to fall. The best thing to do,if you can afford it, is to get before, and 2 hours after eating. If you are up by more than 2 points something is wrong with that meal

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