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any medics who can interpret my blood results?

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YoLoHogwomanay Thu 11-Jan-18 14:23:01

I have a printout from my GP surgery. GP had no comment on them but you only get a few mins consultation. I'd like to understand the results a bit better at all.

I started a high fat low carb diet 4 weeks prior to these results. Want to ensure cholesterol OK and if prediabetic because GP said I was heading that way before I changed my diet. I'm concerned about my risk of heart disease with all the saturated fats I now eat. On the good side I have lost loads of weight since this test and feel healthier.

HBA1C 39 mmol/mol
fasting glucose plasma 5 mmol/L
serum cholesterol 5.3 mmol/L
serum triglyceride 1.40 mmol/L
serum HDL 1.27 mmol/L
serum LDL 3.39 mmol/L
serum cholesterol/DHL ratio 4.
serum non DHL cholesterol 4.03 mmol/L
serum albumin 38g/L
serum total bilirubin 8 umol/L
serum alkaline phosphatase 42 U/L
serum alanine aminotransferase 15 U/L
serum sodium 137 mmol/L
serum potassium 4.6 mmol/L
serum creatinine 66 umol/L
eGFR using creatinine <=90mL/min/1.73*m

I have no idea what some of these are or what they mean!

Thanks in advance.

tilligan Thu 11-Jan-18 14:28:44

If GP not concerned then all is good! If there was a problem they’d say.

YoLoHogwomanay Thu 11-Jan-18 14:34:02

I wanted to assume that but it's easy to mis something. Also I like to properly understand foresically examine things and they don't have the time wink.

Rebeccaslicker Sun 14-Jan-18 22:06:11

Not a medic but I had GD and now at least prediabetes.

Your fasting blood sugar is ok but there are studies that show people who have fasting of 5.0 and above often go on to develop diabetes in the next 10 years. Ideally you want it a wee bit lower, but diet and exercise should help.

The H1BAC is interesting - in America or Australia that would be prediabetic but in the UK we say 41. That's the average blood sugar over the last 3 months or so, and it suggests that you're spiking a bit high after some meals.

There's lots of stuff on diabetes forums about how people wish their doctors had told them it wasn't fine at that sort of level when they could still turn it around, so great news that you know now!

Cut the carbs a bit, exercise and a bit of weight loss and you should see that drop nicely if you have it done again in 3-6 months. But please don't ignore it, it is a bit of a warning sign.

If you want to know how food is affecting you, get a Bayer contour next or similar from Amazon and test an hour after eating - if it's over about 7.0, you want to reduce the carbs a bit.

Lots of luck!

YoLoHogwomanay Wed 17-Jan-18 09:48:40

thanks rebeccaslicker. I've asked for a retest as it's a few months since this test and I want to compare the results. fingers crossed they are better now. I'm interested in how the low carb high fat diet is affecting me healthwise, at least for the health measures I cannot see like my pancreas, liver and arteries. The bits I can see (my fat) tell me it's good!

I'll post the next results when I get them.

Rebeccaslicker Wed 17-Jan-18 14:11:04

Great news! I dropped mine from 39 to 36 just by cutting out a few things, so it can be done. (Although God knows what this second pregnancy is doing to it sad)

Lots of luck, do keep us posted!!

StuntNun Fri 09-Feb-18 11:32:04

Hi YoLo I am not a medical professional so please do not take my opinion as medical advice. Your blood test results are pretty good on the whole. I have put any slightly concerning results in italics. I definitely think you should get your blood glucose and lipid profile re-tested to see whether there has been any improvement since it was last done.

HBA1C 39 mmol/mol – should be below 42 so this is fine. Since the test was done when you had only been eating low carb for four weeks then this may have dropped subsequently.
Glucose 5 mmol/L – should be below 6.1 however it would definitely be worth getting this tested again as I would expect it to be lower if you’re eating low carb.
Cholesterol 5.3 mmol/L – ideally should be below 5.
Triglyceride 1.40 mmol/L – should be below 1.7 so this is fine; I would expect triglyceride levels to drop to 1 or lower on long-term LCHF so this is another one worth retesting.
HDL 1.27 mmol/L – should be above 1.2 so this is in the normal range however the higher the better – another one to get retested to see whether it has come up since you were last tested.
LDL 3.39 mmol/L – ideally should be below 3.
Cholesterol/HDL ratio 4 – should be below 6 and the lower the better.
Non HDL cholesterol 4.03 mmol/L – ideally should be below 4.
Albumin 38g/L – normal range 35-50 so fine.
Total bilirubin (test for liver function) 8 umol/L – normal range is below 21 so fine.
Alkaline phosphatase (test for liver function) 42 U/L – normal range is 30-130 so fine.
Alanine aminotransferase (test for liver function) 15 U/L – normal range is below 40 so fine.
Sodium 137 mmol/L - normal range is 133-146 so fine.
Potassium 4.6 mmol/L - normal range is 3.5-5.3 so fine.
Creatinine (test for kidney function) 66 umol/L – normal range is 60-110 so fine.
eGFR using creatinine (test for kidney function) <=90mL/min/1.73*m – should be below 90 so fine in the absence of other abnormal kidney function tests.

Your total cholesterol and LDL are above the ideal range however the ratios are of more importance in assessing risk. Your TC/HDL ratio is well below 6 which is a reassuring result. However your triglyceride:HDL ratio is 1.1 and, while this is not too high ideally it should be below 0.87. Your ratios would be improved by increasing your HDL, you can do this through exercise and olive oil consumption can also help. Coconut oil and oily fish can also increase your HDL.

So in summary: you’re fine; get tested again; do more exercise; eat more olive oil and oily fish; adding coconut oil to your diet may also help.

YoLoHogwomanay Sun 11-Feb-18 16:53:04

thanks a million stuntnun I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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