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White bread

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Itscurtainsforyou Thu 11-Jan-18 11:47:59

It's my nemesis. We only have it when the kids get to choose (very occasionally), but I end up eating it. It makes me feel awful (very sleepy) for a few hours, and sending my blood sugar sky high (regardless of how much insulin I take).

Anyone else experience similar?

Rebeccaslicker Sun 14-Jan-18 22:07:59

No - but only because I don't let myself have bread any more 😭😭😭😭😭

God, I'd do awful things to awful people for a piping hot fresh French baguette smothered in butter...!

shouldaknownbetter Sun 14-Jan-18 22:09:24

I've swapped to liv life low carb bread - an absolute godsend. Don't miss the other stuff at all!

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 14-Jan-18 23:27:42

Thanks! I'm currently eating dr karg crisp breads but it's nowhere near the same!

sparklesbarkles Sun 14-Jan-18 23:32:28

Yep, white bread, anything with white flour in. Always sends it sky high!
It's my nemesis too

NeopolitanChocolates Mon 15-Jan-18 22:39:49

I mainly eat Burgen bread, but I don't get too much of a spike if I eat Warburton's Danish white.

niccyb Wed 07-Feb-18 21:30:13

White and brown bread medium sized is approx 15g carbs. The seeded bread is better as it’s lower GI meaning that you won’t spike as high after eating it as the body breaks it down more slowly

jemmstar1980 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:36:11

I have a small wholemeal roll, only very rarely have white bread

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