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Late diagnosis of gestational diabetes

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Samg299 Wed 24-May-17 18:38:21

Saw my consultant today with a weeks worth of blood sugar readings. I was asked to do this as my baby had had a sudden acceleration in her growth up to above 90th centile and too much water.
My sugars over ab hour after eating have been between 8 and 10 i am 34 weeks abd today consultant diagnosed gestational diabetes after a normal gtt at 26 weeks.
Anyone been diagnosed late? What can they do to treat it in such a short time? My blood pressure is also elevated so they are on aboyt looking at 37 week delivery if these levels cannot be controlled i may have to wait at least a week to see a diabetic consultant so any experiences at all? Will they treat monitor and take us to term or will they just cut losses n get baby out at 37 weeks? I am very concerned about either option

JoWithABow Thu 25-May-17 08:41:33

I'm not an expert but I recon they'll give you metformin and see how that goes for a week or so, or insulin if needed. Then at 37 weeks they'll review and take a decision then. I don't think right at this point they will tell you for sure that they will deliver early as I think they prefer to wait until 39 weeks with GD ideally. I guess that's if you BP is ok, if not then they will just have to monitor that and take a decision if it gets too high or persists. Hope they give you more of an idea at your appointment
Good luck

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