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Questioning glucose test result

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chloechloe Thu 09-Mar-17 11:16:35

I recently had a load of blood tests done 8 weeks after giving birth and my blood glucose (Natrium fluoride) came back as 105+ mg/dl. The Dr said I urgently need to get it checked again as the reference level for fasting tests is 60-100 mg/dl.

I queried the result with the Dr as the test was done in the afternoon 2 hours after eating. Also I'd had a hectic day traveling then meeting work colleagues before the appointment and so had a cappuccino and mozzarella/ tomato on white bread for lunch at 3pm blush. The Dr is still insisting the result is a problem whereas from what I've read this would be a fairly normal non fasting result, especially given what I'd eaten that day.

Am I being foolish to go against the advice to get it checked out? With a toddler and a baby I'm reluctant to drag us all to the Dr for an early morning fasting test!

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