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Ds with diabetes?

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callmedizzy Sat 13-Aug-16 11:59:30

Ok sorry this is going to be a long one
My ds is 6 he has asthma and at the end of Jan he was admitted to hospital for 3 days with a chest infection on the day he was admitted he had a spot appear on his face, once he was well again we took him to the dr who revered us to derm, he was diagnosed with a desease called Jxg, within a few weeks of seeing the derm he came up with lots of yellowy coloured spots on his body they are small and in little lines and clusters they just keep popping up so I took him back to the derm who asked if there was diabetes in our family or if he had diabetes which he doesn't so we were sent for blood tests to check his liver kidney function as well as other things (because Jxg can grow internally too) the kidney test came back with raised levels and so we are having further bloods taken next week and a dr app the following week - has anyone got a lo with little spots that are linked to diabetes? Could this be diabetes? Any advice please for a mummy who is falling apart ?
Thank you x

Idefix Sat 13-Aug-16 19:53:53

Hi op did want to read and run.
No experience as a parent. But from limited hcp experience diabetes insipidus is v rare. But very treatable. Hopefully you will get some more information with the next tests. Not knowing makes everything much worse IMO.


callmedizzy Sat 13-Aug-16 20:32:19

Hi idefix I am a member on that page but all the children on there seem so poorly I don't want to bother the poor parents with my son, do you think it is worth mentioning there?

Idefix Sat 13-Aug-16 22:22:56

I think from personal experience most parents on these types of forums are really supportive and will be very happy to offer support, advice even if you ds condition turns out to be different.

Really hard when you don't have a diagnosis. My ds who is much older was diagnosed with a chronic condition which came as a huge shock, has is very fit and healthy and we had not noticed anything. As it turns out he is on the less severe side of the spectrum of this condition has had a huge impact on ds career aspirations. I joined a facebook group for support and they were great, friendly and really pleased for us when ds was diagnosed the less severe form of condition.

Sorry waffling, I would say nothing to lose by asking.

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