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Can type 1 diabetes cause maternal death?

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Tryagain92 Sat 23-Apr-16 10:42:04

A lady who I know lost her baby at either 16 or 17 weeks I cannot quite remember. Anyway she is obese and has type 1 diabetes. Her pregnancy seemed to have gone well when all of a sudden she put a comment saying she lost the baby. We msg and I asked did they know why and she said she had a diabetic seizure then had an ultrasound after it had calmed down and they couldn't find the heartbeat. Can a diabetic seizure cause this? Sorry feel a bit uneducated but I just thought considering there's GD this seems to be a whole lot worse.

earthmoon Wed 04-May-16 11:10:45

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose) can cause seizure. However, i believe and i had discussed with my obstetrician after i had a stillbirth, that because there is a high prevalence with pregnancy loss among diabetic ladies its easy to blame diabetes wrongly. After all lots of healthy ladies also lose their babies and they get told it was due to unexplained reasons. One of the factors that cemented my decision not to have a postmortem for my DS2 was because a lot of the time it comes back as unexplained.
PS anything that puts your baby at risk is bad, there is no need to rate who has it worse? Diabetes is diabetes and both GD and type 1 suck i believe. I have no experience with GD but got 9yr with type 1. It may be easy for me to say this as i have been extremely lucky with having been blessed with easy control and i know of lots of people who have struggled with control and diabetes can drastically reduce people quality of life. The list for Hypoglycemia is very long and people can get them for unknown reasons. Dead in bed syndrome and diabetic ketoacidosis is the only things i know that can be fatal.

user1468575898 Fri 15-Jul-16 10:53:30

Even my friend had faced a similar issue. She lost her baby when she was around 3 months pregnant. She had type 1 diabetes. But the reason for the miscarriage is still unknown. Are diabetic patients prone to miscarriage?.

earthmoon Mon 03-Oct-16 08:58:36

Yes, diabetic ladies have high risk pregnancies. The better our control the more the risk is minimised. That's why we get seen so much more often during our pregnancies at the hospital. We also get extra scans.

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