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I think my daughters diabetic

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Amy214 Sat 12-Mar-16 18:52:43

Last week my 2 year old daughter was rushed to hospital as she was unresponsive, the paramedic said her blood sugar was low at 2.2 and we tried to wake her up and feed her chocolate, the whole time she was shaking, her gran is diabetic and so are most of my family, im not diabetic and i never suffered from gestational diabetes, the day before this happened she suffered from terrible sickness and diarreah and barely ate so the doctors think it was related to this but have referred her for further tests, they havent said anything else and i havent heard anything else about the tests, should i be so concerned? I am really paranoid when shes sleeping and i keep going in to check on her and it is disturbing her but i cant sleep unless i know shes okay, i feel terrible about what happened and i cant stop thinking about it, should i take her back to the doctors and ask for the tests or wait to recieve a letter?

claireL1991 Sun 13-Mar-16 15:55:56

I've been type 1 diabetic for 20 years and know a number of others too smile

I've never known anybody get diagnosed by having low blood sugar it's usually high blood sugars that cause a diagnosis because that's how you know the pancreas isn't working properly.

In order for blood sugars to rise and stay stable (whether diabetic or not) the body requires carbohydrate, if your daughter had sickness and diarrhoea the day before then she would have had no food in her system to keep the blood sugars up - hence the low reading she got. This is probably why the doctors didn't seem too concerned.

By all means though if you haven't heard anything in a few days then I'd ring to see if they have the results but I wouldn't worry if it were me.

If it happens again then sugary drinks suck as lucozade or full fat Coke, even milk are very very good at raising blood sugar levels again. Chocolate isn't a good treatment as the body absorbs the fat in it before it absorbs the sugar so it takes longer to work.

I hope this all makes sense and your daughter feels better now!

All the best,
Claire x

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