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Type 1

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jaffaX2 Sat 19-Dec-15 19:00:13

My dad is type 1 and suffering quite bad with nights sweats,can anybody give me any advice on how to prevent these.

chainsou Tue 29-Dec-15 19:35:27

I have recently left the icu yesterday and i was cannulated in my neck, due to my body being severely dehydrated and they couldn't find one clear vein in either my lower or upper limbs, Yet they've decided to also put an arterial line instead of pricking me every 4 hours, which is terribly painful, Especially if you're veins hide. So after they neck cannulation i felt a little pain then rested in the ward for a day, and was discharged this morning, But the huge problem is, The vein is really swollen and red and i can not even move my head alot nor lean forward or backwards, and i also slightly tilt my head, because it's the position where pain goes away, Yet sometimes this doesn't make it any better, I've experienced bad migraine on the side that the vein happens to be in, my back is hurting so terribly. Now i've informed my mom to take me to my physician and see what it possibly could be, i've also experienced this in my right toe and it cured after a month, But it's not possible for me to be in this situation for more than a day. Any idea or help please don't hesitate!

love, A suffering diabetic<3

claireL1991 Sun 13-Mar-16 16:00:18

Hi JaffaX2

It might be a good idea for your dad to set an alarm during the night to test his blood sugar.
Night sweats can be a symptom of hypo (low blood sugar) I usually wake up in a sweat if my bloods have dropped.

All the best
Claire x

Obs2016 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:04:48

I agree. Could he do a test before bed to see what that is? Most likely if he's sweating, it's because he's low, so his night time medication might need to be reduced. His 'team' should be able to advise.

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