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What do you drink?

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Onetoetree Tue 22-Sep-15 20:55:43

I am 30 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes. I was told on Friday ghat I couldn't drink milk . To be honest I have always had water and maybe a fruit juice with my lunch and an evening cup of tea.

1WayOrAnother Wed 23-Sep-15 04:06:40

Gestational diabetes can seem overwhelming. Just remember that this is not permanent and drink water/peppermint tea/anythingelsethatgetsyouthroughit.
I remember being horrified when my midwife advised me to drink diet coke (diet coke ffs). There was me trying to be all organic during pregnancy itdidn'tlast. My baby was fine, and I tucked into a large piece of cheesecake shortly after giving birth.

Onetoetree Wed 23-Sep-15 10:29:47

Thanks one way, I love your name are you telling me you can drink diet drinks. I actully don't really do fizzy drinks anyway, I was always fine with water until I was told I had to watch what I was eating and drinking.....typical response from me. I actully can say that this may be good for me smaller portions 3 times a day for 8 weeks, may get my in a good habit for after birth and may keep me motivated to keep doing after birth.

Although yesterday my mum was telling my ds that they should get a cake saying welcome baby and so I said I wanted a cake too saying enjoy. The metaformin makes me feel full so I am ok food wise but need some taste to my drink .

ThePug Sat 03-Oct-15 13:26:22

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and have Type 1. At home, I drink no added sugar squash or water. When out, my go-to drink was always Diet Coke or wine but seeing as that has loads of caffeine in, it's now out. No bars/restaurants stock diet lemonade either, which is a shame. 'Fortunately' as I'm on insulin I could have a glass of fruit juice with a meal and have extra insulin to compensate, but I wouldn't do this if I wasn't eating at the same time.

Fantail Sat 14-Jan-17 20:24:21

A splash of full fat milk in your tea should be fine. Alternatively try a nut based milk.

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