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Newly diagnosed 13 yr old boy having behaviour issues in school

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Cassie201 Fri 17-Jul-15 23:07:00

Any advice please from parents of teens diagnosed around 12/13 yrs with Type 1 diabetes. We have had the diagnosis for just over a month and in this time are noting a massive increase in behavioural issues in school. His school do not seem to have made the connection between his well being, his attitude and his recent diagnosis. We are also encountering him having been attacked now on two occasions in school - as if he didn't have enough to cope with. We have been referred to Psych and this can't come fast enough...does anyone have any examples of how a school may have changed their behavioural policy to assist and make accommodations for a young person in this situation? Now so very frustrated and worried. We are on a downward spiral emotionally. The health management is's everything else!

kpandthesunshineband2 Tue 21-Jul-15 01:21:04

Completely understandable - it is a rubbish thing to be diagnosed with at that age! There is a facebook group - ?Parents of T1 teens - may be others who can help there. Or CWD UK facebook.
Possibly Diabetes UK schools helpline.
Are your hospital team helping with this? Whereabouts are you. When do they think you will see psychologist?
Also if you can find peer support this may help being in contact with other T1 children of similar age. Are there any local support groups , JDRF discovery days - often have inspirational speakers.
DS diag 5 years ago at age 8 but not had these problems , at least yet.

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