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Quick question about injections/testing while out and about - where to do it?

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yetanotherchangename Wed 15-Jul-15 11:18:45

My DS8 was diagnosed with T1 on Saturday and came out of hospital yesterday. We'd like to go out today - just to the shops for half an hour and maybe for some lunch. He isn't carb counting yet, just a fixed dose until we go to the clinic next Wednesday.

If your DC need to blood test or inject while out and about do they go to the toilet to do this?

Thank you for swift responses.

I have a friend with Type 1 diabetes - she tends to test/inject very discreetly at the table. I don't think anyone has ever noticed her doing it.

As your son is younger than my friend, it might well be easier for him, and you, to test and inject somewhere more private, until he is comfortable with the process and confident he can do it as discreetly as he wants.

hoxty Wed 15-Jul-15 11:24:00

Whatever you and he feel comfortable with. In public is absolutely fine, I do it all the time. Private is ok too, but he might want you to help which could be a bit complicated in the loo!

yetanotherchangename Wed 15-Jul-15 11:25:02

Thank you - I realised I have never seen anyone test or inject in public. He's big enough that he won't want to go into the ladies with me but not big enough that I'd send him to do it on his own in the mens just yet.

icclemunchy Wed 15-Jul-15 11:27:04

Me and DP (both type 1s) just do it wherever, it's quite easy to do it discreetly under the table. Only time I go to the loo Is if I'm wearing a dress!

kpandthesunshineband2 Tue 21-Jul-15 01:11:21

DS now 13 diag 5 y ago - I would never inject or test in toilets as really dont think hygienic to. He tests wherever & used to inject at table in restaurant but can do discreetly. Now has insulin pump so very easy to bolus without it being obvious.
This is a lifelong condition - I dont want him to ever be embarassed about it so we have always encouraged him to be completely open about it. Never had any comments about it in public.

kpandthesunshineband2 Tue 21-Jul-15 01:13:12

Oh sorry to hear about another diagnosis. Lots of support & advice on CWD - UK facebook group - has kept me sane over the years!

yetanotherchangename Tue 21-Jul-15 15:14:43

Thank you. Will check out CWD. Can I ask, those of you who have children who inject/finger prick at school, do they have to go to the school office to do this?

paddyclampo Tue 21-Jul-15 18:51:38

I inject discreetly under the table. Nobody really sees / notices to my knowledge. Testing is prob a bit harder to do discreetly but I def wouldn't do it in the loo!

Yetanotherchangename - I check my blood in the classroom (I'm a teacher!) and any kids that I teach who have type 1 also test in class. So long as they're comfortable doing that, they should be allowed to (this is a high school though - might be different in primary).

kpandthesunshineband2 Wed 22-Jul-15 00:30:38

Should be able to do finger test wherever they like in school. If possibly hypo then they definitely shouldnt be having to walk around school to test as potentially dangerous to not deal with on the spot.
My DS used to go to nurses office before lunch to test as a routine - which meant spmeone was keeping an eye on his levels & checking bolus amount for food. But was always allowed to test wherever even though sometimes would choose to go to nurses room (as his preference) but not if feels low. You need to get these sort of rules in his care plan at school. How have school been about it?

yetanotherchangename Wed 22-Jul-15 09:06:52

He was only diagnosed ten days ago which for us was the day after we broke up. We had a meeting with the HT last week (holidays) which had been scheduled 3 weeks ago to discuss his welfare as I had been so concerned about him (not twigging the diabetes).

I'm a bit worried because she talked about him keeping all his stuff in the school office. I asked if anyone was diabetes trained and was told that everyone was a first aider and that the secretary who is in charge of first aid will be our point of contact. Told I didn't need to see next year's form tutor about it. If he isn't allowed the biscuits the kids have for break he can keep a different type of snack in the office and go and have that.

I'm happy with the school office for injections although he wants to do it at the table.

We're seeing the clinic today and I have read through the guidelines for schools so we can chat about what we need to do.

Purpleball Wed 22-Jul-15 09:11:10

I do mine at the table or the desk or wherever I am. If I'm wearing a dress then I lift it up under the table and inject into my thigh. I was told not to use toilets and it's not hygienic.

I'd go for the school office then you know it's safe. No other kids are messing with it or hiding it and it can't go missing. I know this is disruptive but he will get used to it

LadyRivers1 Wed 22-Jul-15 09:18:14

DD is 9 and has been type 1 for over 3 years, she was very self concious about testing and injecting in public at first but now will whip out her blood test kit and insulin wherever. No one has ever batted and eyelid to my knowledge! At school she has a testing kit in her class and in the medical room, she can test whenever she wants and has regular tests at lunch and 2 hours after lunch to check she is ok for the walk home. She always injects in the medical room under supervision though, the school keeps a record of what her bloods are and how much insulin she's had, think it's just to make sure she has done it properly.

Some great groups on Facebook! There's also a page for rights of type 1 kids in school.

kpandthesunshineband2 Wed 22-Jul-15 09:39:24

Think schools underestimate T1 diabetes as they don't understand how variable it can be. They will need to be more specifically trained on T1 than just being first aiders but hopefully your DSN will be on to that & will go in to school to give a training session when they start back.
Possibly a 1:1 TA who has been trained up. Definitely form tutor needs to be fully educated & trained about his diabetes.
My son has always carried his kit around with him as diag 8 yo but at his school they did a lot of moving from room to room so he has always had a 'diabetes bag ' which he carries. Also had spare kits at various strategic places.

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