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How/why were you diagnosed?

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TellyBelly Tue 07-Apr-15 21:33:39

This is a bit of a strange one, we were talking at work about the Bear Grylls prog and them drinking their urine, and somehow the discussion evolved to smell, I said my urine smelled sweet like popcorn. (I know - weird conversations...), but one of the girls said it was a sign of diabetes?

I don't really want to google symptoms, as I'll end up having half of them.

I am tired all the time, but I work a 60 hour week with travel so nothing unusual? I'm very moody, feel quite down lately, a bit achey on and off for the last few weeks.

But seriously, is the smell a sign? Should I get tested? Fell a bit strange going to docs and asking for a test because my wee smells sweet. Were they just winding me up?

RebootYourEngine Tue 07-Apr-15 23:25:56

My dn was diagnosed because he was constantly thirsty and going to the toilet. Cant say i have noticed his urine smelling.

I would google the symptoms and if they fit you then get checked out. Diabetes is a serious condition that is hard to diagnose.

paddyclampo Thu 09-Apr-15 22:36:09

I was 8 years old and had all the 4 T's - thirsty, tired, toilet and thin. The trouble was that the GPs weren't very on the ball and type 1 was less common back in the 80s.

I became very ill with DKA. I think weeing a lot is an absolute cert if you have diabetes whereas tiredness could be many things.

daisyeatyourpeas Tue 14-Apr-15 22:27:33

I was seriously ill in the summer (viral meningitis and also at the same time a unknown infection somewhere in my body) which subsequently resulted in a lengthy stay in hospital, scans, and bloods after bloods after bloods until they could finally deduce what was wrong with me. No typical text book symptoms of diabetes but the bloods etc showed it up and so now I am diabetic type 2. Due to having to keep food diaries etc because of treatment due to the side effects of the viral meningitis and infection etc it is not aggrivated by the amount if sugar I put into my body or carbs . Unfortunately the issue I do have is due to the side effects of the treatment I am on for the lasting implications if the summer out of the blue illnesses my appetite is greatly reduced and I struggle to eat at regular intervals as I just can not face food. I also have never drank alot so it's all not helping the diabetes. My duet us being monitored mire to check I am eating regularly rather than what I am eating.

TriniRedVelvet Tue 06-Sep-16 23:19:36

It showed up in urine sample in 36th week of pregnancy. I was told it goes away after babyis born in 99% of women. Mine stayed... angry

CousinCharlotte Sat 08-Oct-16 16:49:08

I was diagnosed T1 at the grand age of 48, I was admitted with serious DKA to intensive care.

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