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New job, lifestyle change, advice on settling in/meals please :)

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Pandora452 Mon 08-Dec-14 23:20:06

I'm a type 2, been diagnosed for a couple of years and currently working 12h night shifts.
Am on metformin 3x a day and gliclazide twice a day - was on twice a day of both until recently. Levels are meh tbh and because of working nights I often miss meals and/or tablet doses. I know this is not ideal.

I have just got a job working days for reduced hours - not sure how it'll break down a day but its part time. I will be basically flipping my body clock back round and completely changing my routine.

Any advice/tips on doing this please? I especially could do with meal ideas for breakfast (ideally on the go/quick to eat) and for light lunches as I have no idea where to start - right now I don't generally eat breakfast or its toast, lunch is usually a sandwich and dinner can be all sorts so I need an overhaul BADLY.

I will also be massively increasing my exercise levels as I will be walking around 40mins to work each day and 40mins back as well as a more active job, so I want to make sure I'm eating sensibly. This is a chance to make sure I start new routines with the new job and have a clean slate so I don't want ot mess it up.

Thank you smile

RobotRuthy Tue 09-Dec-14 20:14:44

I have porridge for breakfast. Regular with milk put into microwave for 2 mins. Add extra flavourings as in dried fruit, honey etc
poached egg on wilted spinach
0% Greek yogurt with oats and honey

For lunch peanut butter on lettuce
boiled egg/cheese salad
home made veg soup.

I'm T2 and after reading 'Reverse Your Diabetes' am trying to stick to a low carb (not no carb) diet.

I also search 'Pinterest' for Paleo diet ideas.

Good's a bgr isn't it?! smile

Pandora452 Tue 09-Dec-14 22:01:38

I hate it. I've not really been coping with having it but I'm hoping new job, new routine and new year can get me sorted

Pinterest is a good idea

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