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nitgel Sun 29-Sep-19 09:06:14

She is 91 and had coped fairly well at home with a carer who goes in mornjng and evening. Plus we visit 2 times a week and take her shopping etc. She has dementia but she recognises us etc.

Yesterday we noticed she has significantly gone downhill. Physically she is weaker and it's clear that she isnt safe to be left (she lives alone about 15 mins from us).

How would we go about getting her into a home quickly? Though she would hate it. It seems to be only option. She gets funding but has savings. Tia

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TomorrowNeverWants Sun 29-Sep-19 22:29:40

Sorry to hear your news.

In my experience nothing moves quickly here. You would need a doctor to certify that her condition has worsened and recommend residential care in partnership with Social Work. It is possible that she has an infection which can temporarily cause them to lose control of their faculties. Either way, it sounds like it would be sensible to take her to her GP asap.

FLOrenze Tue 01-Oct-19 08:47:27

LA will not put her in a home without a home visit. In our LA they telephone first to speak to the person and ask if they would like them to visit to offer support. If MiL refuses the visit they will not force the issue.

If MiL agrees they will visit but unlikely to recommend a home if MiL resists. They only insist if she is a danger to herself or to others. Danger to herself is tightly defined, ie wandering off and getting lost.

What generally happens is that a crisis befalls the person followed by a hospital admittance. Then the hospital social worker will become involved. It can still decide to send them home with a care package.

If MiL was self funding it would be different, but even then a care home won’t take her against her wishes.

nitgel Tue 01-Oct-19 16:54:08

Thank you. We managed to get her gp to do a home visit and she is going to refer her to the mental health term and see if other meds would work for her.

We have also upped her home care. I know she would prefer to be at home as she has stated this in the past. I just worry about her being alone at night. Also she would be self funding.

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