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Where would you look for care (self funding)

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FlourishingMrs Sun 19-Feb-17 15:50:11

Hi Everyone, where would you look for care for anelderly person who wants to stay living in their own home but needs help with washing and dressing, medication reminders etc

OverTheHill50 Sun 19-Feb-17 16:00:02

You need to talk to personal care agencies in your local area. Has s/he had any kind of assessment from social services? Even if you're having to self-fund they should still be able to give you a list of agencies approved or registered with the council?
Have a look at council website under 'social/personal care'.
Is s/he in sheltered accomodation, or do you know anyone else locally receiving care - it's worth asking around, as word of mouth can be more useful than glossy brochures.
Even informally ask GP, as they will be called out and see the impact of different agencies.
If it's practical things like shopping/cleaning/cooking then Age UK may be able to help - they have a 'Help at Home' type service. You still have to pay, but it may be less, and it may be worth having more than just one person involved?

FlourishingMrs Sun 19-Feb-17 18:24:23

Thank you very much, I think he has had an assessment since they have said he needs to self fund due to funding. Thank you very much for the detailed information.

There is one on their local high street but was not listen on the council website.just checked after your feedback. Thank you

MIlesdavis Mon 27-Feb-17 09:58:47

We've been very impressed with Home Instead, an organisation which offers specialist care for dementia and the elderly in the home. A lovely organisation, recommended by our hospital on discharge and they've been wonderful for the last year.

Pitchforktotheface Thu 02-Mar-17 20:51:45

CQC website allows you to search by postcode/ town/ area for care agencies, or ask adult social care to provide you with a list.

tinkerella1 Fri 03-Mar-17 14:13:24

We also use Home Instead and they have been great in taking care of my FIL. He has behavioural variant dementia so he can actually wash and dress himself. On the funding front; we have been funding his care for about a year but we have now managed to get council funding - which did really surprise me as I didn't think he would be eligible as he can wash and dress. He is a danger to himself if left to his own devices - and I do have a feeling that having the log book from Home Instead and us nagging for a year probably made the Social services realise how much he actually needed it. Even if you do have to fund now, circumstances change and with dementia can change rapidly. You may not be eligible now but in 6 months and with logged visits it might be a different case. Home Instead are apparently a little more pricey but now we've got them council funded its worked out good for us - and the carers really do care! The road of discovery when a relative is diagnosed with dementia is a horrible rocky up hill struggle - it's great when you finally get help!

FlourishingMrs Wed 08-Mar-17 22:56:05

Thank you very much Tinkelela

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