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Dementia and cancer -help!

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user1465335180 Sun 05-Feb-17 17:26:00

Sorry if this is long but don't want to drip feed. DM lived alone, has mixed dementia, three carer visits per day and I went in 4 days each week after work for washing/shopping but I was diagnosed with cancer so DP and I moved into DM's house as it would be easier for caring/treatment. I'm half way through treatment and prognosis is good but can't work so at home except for daily treatment at hospital.

Unfortunately DM is now getting very needy about anyone leaving the house and hates it if DP and I are both out- constantly asks where DP has gone if he goes out, when will he be home etc. Obviously I want to go back to work eventually, part time at first, and I think I'm going to have a real problem making DM understand as she's getting used to me being here so much! Can't go out more as my immunity is low after chemotherapy.

DM says she gets lonely when we're out but she has more company by far now than before, she spends most of day in bed (by choice).
Help please

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