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Help - Hospice referral advice

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Blossombee Mon 23-Jan-17 17:05:23

Hi all I was just wondering if family can refer someone with Dementia and an end stage illness to hospice themselves or ask someone form hospice to come and evaluate the person? If they agree that the end is near would the person be taken care of at a nursing home, hospital or in a hospice facility? Staying at home wouldn't be an option as we have a baby and wouldn't be able to cope with people coming in and out all day. The stress of dealing with a doctor and funeral directors afterwards to move the body would cause us so much stress. We thought we could do this but are very stressed out by the whole situation. We want the best for her but we also have to think of ourselves and the baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Brittanyspears Wed 01-Feb-17 17:56:14

I would call the GP and they can refer you to the pallative care team (hospice team) or give you some more options. Or call social services. Best of luck

Miffer Sat 04-Feb-17 01:58:41

The hospice in my area is very strict in eligibility criteria. It's about pain relief and symptom management rather than a place to end your days.

For end of life care in the situation you described then a nursing home would probably be most appropriate. If a medic documents that your relative/friend may be in the last stages of a terminal illness (which most dementia's are) and has a rapidly deteriorating condition then they are entitled to Fast Track CHC. If not you can still get help from the local authority.

Info about CHC - best place to kick start this is either GP or district nurses IF they are involved.

If not ring your local social services and ask for an urgent assessment, if the person with dementia already has services ring them and say they are no longer suitable and you need an urgent review. The GP/DNs can also help out with contacting social services if the person isn't eligible for fast track.

Blossombee Sat 04-Feb-17 10:27:30

Thank you for your replies. She's in a nursing home now after a fast track nurse referral

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