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MIL showing symptoms

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wheresmycake Sun 08-Jan-17 15:54:11

Mil's mum had Alzheimers when she died &her dsis developed it in her 50s. Mil is now late 60s &showing symptoms herself but I really don't know what to do. She has always been a bit funny with sudden changes to plans, forgetting conversations so she has possibly been 'hiding' behind that for a while but it's definitely getting worse. DH will be reluctant to have the conversation with his DPs & MIL is not going to take the suggestion she see a doctor well. How do we raise it without causing a massive offence/argument etc?

louthemac Fri 13-Jan-17 14:50:57

Hello, your post stood out as my MIL has memory problems & a strong history of Alz in her family. Really you just need to get her in front of the GP so s/he can assess her & refer her to the memory clinic. My MIL is head in the sand about it all and it took awhile of us mentioning it until she went. There was a fairly big thing that happened that gave her a fright and then she agreed to go. She is on medication now and it hasn't progressed any further but her short term memory is very poor.
The other important things are getting power of attorney sorted and if possible a living will where she states her wishes about what should happen if she does deteriorate mentally. But that's a really difficult conversation!

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