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Feeling bullied by nursing home. Hoping care to be different can give some advice

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Dowser Mon 26-Sep-16 10:05:16

In a nutshell

Mum moved to a nh after receding chc funding. Nursing home aggressively pursuing family to sign a contract which is all to do with fees.

Worst case scenario, if mum has funding withdrawn, then she pays. Once assets used up then surely she falls under the care of social services.

If I sign the contract then I become responsible night?

If mum had capacity she would sign herself and the same conditions would apply ...surely? Right?

So, it seems unfair to pursue the family because mum does not have capacity.

I really don't want to sign this document and feel it's grossly unfair that I'm being forced to sign it.

( or so it appears)

Hoping care to be different can advise before I take my concerns to a solicitor.

Miffer Fri 30-Sep-16 19:02:51

If I sign the contract then I become responsible night?

No, absolutely not.

Social services will be responsible if CHC is removed and she runs out of cash. The only grey area would be if social services could argue that they can provide your Mum with the same level of care in a alternative setting. That would be really difficult but not impossible.

There is also the question of top-ups and this is where it gets a bit grayer. If Mum lacks capacity a third party (you) is liable for the top up. This should be the case now as CHC also don't generally pay top ups either. However it may be that the contract is tying you into paying any future increase in top up. The whole top-up situation is a fucking mess with some areas having them running into the hundreds. Try and ascertain if the contract is in relation to top ups.

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