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Elderly home from hospital care London recommendations?

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KateDela1973 Thu 15-Sep-16 10:29:32

Hi My 80 year old mother has a brain injury and fractured pelvis. She'll be in hospital for two more weeks and then is desperate to go back to her flat in central London. Due to the brain injury she has become extremely difficult, arguing with doctors and nurses round the clock. We're hoping that this improves with time as she starts to recover but for now she hates most of her carers apart from one or two who she's in raptures about. Can anyone recommend a good care agency? or individual carer with a lot of patience based in London? She's a lovely woman underneath but is very scared and lashing out at the moment. On the flip side, if she likes the carer she will adore them - she's very extreme at the moment. Thanks for any recommendations as we're a bit desperate.

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