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Dementia, alcohol, epilepsy & bipolar disorder!

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birdybirdbird Mon 25-Apr-16 17:10:08

Hi. I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction after the very long list of things in the subject. As a bit of background:
My mum (in her 50s) has bipolar disorder and a history of heavy alcohol misuse. She was diagnosed with epilepsy around 6 years ago but this has been pretty well controlled. She nearly died around 4 years ago after a period of depression and very heavy drinking, and it was suggested then that she may have alcohol induced dementia. After a lot of B12 and improved bipolar medications, she made a pretty miraculous recovery and has been completely sober for 2 years. The dementia wasn't mentioned again but she was noticeably more forgetful, repeating stories etc. Generally however she has been ok and has lived and coped independently. She is very isolated. I am pretty much the only family she has and I live hundreds and hundreds of miles away.
Over the past month she has been hospitalised several times as a result of seizures/possible strokes. I only found out about the most recent one as it was a family friend that phoned the ambulance. Previously, she had called them herself and I had not been informed, despite being listed as next of kin. I believe the hospital may have also altered her mental health medications and therefore her bipolar/depression may currently be unmedicated. I can't get a straight answer about this as I do not know what she was taking before to compare. However, she has been quite erratic over the past few weeks when we have spoken on the phone and I can tell something isn't quite right..
I feel that due to her mental health and epilepsy she is not really capable of caring for herself fully. I can't provide care for her - as you can imagine our relationship is strained due to past alcoholism and mental health issues - so please no judgements.
I don't really know where to start or whether I'm doing the right things! I spoke to social services and shared my concerns but they need hospital dr to make the referral for assessment. I spoke to the physio at the hospital and shared my worries about self care and that I feel she needs an urgent dementia, mental health and social services assessments. She was nice but a bit vague. I am waiting for hospital doc all me back to discuss brain scan results. I am also waiting for her gp to call me back as I feel he needs to know that this has all been happening. I'm very concerned that no-one has 'connected the dots' and that she will be discharged again to be alone in her house, with nothing in place and that no-one has spoken to me about it all.
Thank you if you've managed to get to the end of this! Is there anything else I should be pushing for and shouting about?! I feel very helpless and clueless about where to go next.

bilbodog Mon 25-Apr-16 18:18:36

So sorry you are having to deal with this. Sounds like you have made the right contacts so wait and see what they come back with. If you haven't heard back in a couple of days i would keep following up. Unfortunately you will probably have to fight to get anyone to take notice and do anything. If need be put requests in writing and email and copy all information to all parties so you have a record. Hopefully someone else will come along with some more advice.

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