Threat of eviction

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jugglingeverything Tue 15-Mar-16 13:59:55

My mum has vascular demantia. She is 86 with mobility issues on top. For the last 10 years she's lived in a MacCarthy Stone development, was popular and an active member of the management committee. In her earlier life she was a secondary school teacher. Last year she was diagnosed with VD and its been downhill since then.

Because of her mobility issues we have problems with getting to the toilet. She just cannot balance to get back onto her scooter and pull her trousers up. She has 4 care visits a day and they help her to the loo but she still goes between visits and ends up half dressed. She then goes down to the social area with a blanket thrown over her lap. The house manager has accused her of exposing herself. Mum often goes down to ask the manager for help with her TV etc and the manager states this is not part of her role. She accuses mum of becoming aggressive. Mum can be irritable and grumpy but I haven't seen her be aggressive with anyone. The house manager has mentioned several times that she wants mum removed. she believes mum should be in a home. Her carers feel she is still better off at home. They are the experts in my opinion. I do sympathise with her neighbours. I know she can be disruptive but most of all I think she doesn't fit with the MacCarthy Stone image of ageing gentlefolk!

The manager has now called a meeting with the area manager about starting a removal process. I am terrified mum will be forced out into a home. I recognise this may become necessary at some point anyway but am shocked at how she is being treated.

Any suggestions on how I should handle this meeting?

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SohowdoIdothis Tue 15-Mar-16 19:14:10

Start looking for a place that cares.

Amyanne86 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:54:18

Need advice!
My nana who is 74 is suffering with vascular dementia. She's been in a care home for the last three years and does present challenging and sometimes aggressive behaviour. She's very mobile and is a 'wanderer'.
The care home she is in have served her with 30 days notice to leave as they are unable to cope with her any longer. However her social worker neglected to tell us she'd been served 30 days notice until day 23!
Basically we've been given a week to find somewhere suitable for her to live! The nearest care home with emi nursing is 30 miles away. Her elderly disabled husband (who also has the early onset of dementia) currently visits her twice daily where she is, but if she is to move to the emi home, it would simply be too much for him to visit daily!
We cannot contact her social worker for the next three days ss she is off duty for the bank holiday weekend. By the time we can contact her we will have three days until my nana is to be evicted!
As a family we just do not know what to do, desperation comes to mind! Can anyone help us😢
(Sorry for the long post)

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