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Is this a symptom of dementia?

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Ticktacktock Fri 29-Jan-16 20:05:38

Mum has been diagnosed with dementia, and so far is just forgetful. Apart from this. She didn't buy her 2 grandchildren a Xmas present last year. Said she didn't have time and she would get them later. I have been badgering her about it, and reminding her a lot. She was saying she would get round to it, but I asked if there was another reason, like money. She said yes, she didn't think she had enough money. I said but you have another account with money in. She said no, that money has all gone.

A friend says that is classic dementia, and her father did the same. Has anyone else experienced this please?

UptownFlunk Sun 07-Feb-16 17:26:33

Yes, this is classic dementia. Problems and paranoia about money are really commonplace. My relative became fanatical about money. Try not to badger her - I know it's difficult - you will just make her more agitated and stressed. Also, don't take offence when she doesn't do things she used to, it's not personal, it's the disease. I know it's really hard to accept this, it hurts but she can't help it.

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