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It's just crap, my uncle is 57 and he won't be here this Christmas, just waiting for the phone to ring.

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Sheep2345 Fri 04-Dec-15 22:48:54

My uncle has a rare form of Alzheimer's (early onset familial).

He was diagnosed when he was 46 and had been living with my grandma (who is 87) for the last 10 years (his wife left him when he was diagnosed)

He's been move to a care home, is 8stn (and 6 foot tall) He won't eat and won't drink and its just shit.

Life is not fair, he's the nicest man, and he's wasting away courtesy of Alzheimer's.

Sorry, I'm just annoyed and sad sad

magimedi Fri 04-Dec-15 22:53:00

I have nothing to say to such a shit situation but for you to know that a stranger on the internet is thinking of you.

My mother had Alzheimer's & died nearly 20 years ago.

It's vile.

Sending you sympathy.


Sheep2345 Fri 04-Dec-15 22:55:45

Thank you magi.

I don't k ow why I posted, just having a moment.
I was posting on the December conception page and this thread popped up on my feed and before I knew it, a whole flood of emotion.

Thank you for posting and love to you and your dear mother xx

CarcerDun Fri 04-Dec-15 22:55:45

Oh shit, it's too young. Can your tell us about him?

MrsJamin Fri 04-Dec-15 22:56:54

My aunt has early onset dementia, her husband has a degenerative illness too, such a shame how they are both so ill and could not enjoy old age together. It's very sad. flowers

Sheep2345 Fri 04-Dec-15 23:00:29

I can tell you a million things carcer!

He is a funny dude, even now he has a cheeky smile!
He has a sweet tooth, all they can tempt him at the home with is ice cream!
Whilst he lived with my grandma, he had a girlfriend that would pick him up at 1am and drop him off at 4am, I think you can guess the rest!!
We had to sort out his iPad for him, there was 5678 messages from dating sites on there, lothario!!

Oh and he's always right, that's probably the only irritating thing, down to the right way to open a box of cornflakes!!

Thank you for being such kind strangers xx.

ishouldcocoa Fri 04-Dec-15 23:05:25

My DF has dementia, although is likely to die of cancer first. However, it is the cruelest (sp?) of diseases.
Very Un Mnetty hugs to you. (())

CarcerDun Fri 04-Dec-15 23:07:11

Ha ha! Sounds hilarious! Great that his smile is still beaming.

My Dad was similar height and weight at one point, I remember his eyes never changed. Hold on to your uncles smile (it was the first thing you said so I'm guessing that's the first thing you think when you think of him) it'll always be the same.

So online dating hey... Good man.

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