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Good apps for those with dementia?

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Tensmumym Mon 13-Jul-15 14:41:06

I've recently bought a tablet with a view to using it with my mother who has Alzheimer's but is currently in the early stages. I saw this and this I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations, ideally apps for Android? Thanks.

PHRClaire Wed 04-May-16 14:37:31

Hi Tensmumym,

I work for a company in Manchester called Evergreen Life and we have recently released a free app which can be useful for carers and those needing assistance with their health. Its a Personal Health Record which allows the user to record all of their conditions, documents, medications etc. For people with Alzheimers trips to the doctors can be a bit stressful as the specialist you are visiting might not have access to all of your health records leaving you trying to remember all the details. Having them all in one place can be a godsend (particularly when it comes to documents).
Also we've put a function in to remind people when to take medication by it popping up a custom message on your phone. If your mother has a few people involved in her care (you, heath visitors, carer, doctors, other family members etc.) she can choose to share her health record with you. We call it Share and Care. It means that even when you can't be with your mother you can see if she or her carer has recorded she has taken her medication that day.
My colleague is a carer for her mother and she has found it useful so far (and we designed a lot of our functionality around her experience).

Hopefully it can be of some use to you?

PHRClaire Wed 04-May-16 14:39:09

If you wanted to read any more we have an article on how PHRs can help Carers here:

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