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Update on my MIL - good news - I posted a while ago

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CocktailQueen Fri 05-Jun-15 12:57:55

Thanks to everyone who helped and advised on my previous posts re my MIL. We have now got her into a lovely care home near us and she is settling in well. She's made some friends, is doing activities like singing and bingo (!), enjoys it there, can sit outside in the garden, and is clean and looked after for the first time in tears, wearing clean clothes. The staff are really nice too. It's lovely.

After the first couple of days, she hasn't asked about if she can go home. We can go and see her twice a week and so it;'s much better. She enjoys seeing us. It's all gone much better than we could have hoped.

One question, though: the staff said the other day that MIL is having some faecal incontinence - is this likely to be another symptom of dementia or a reaction to a change in diet, more biscuits etc at the care home?? This is new.

Ashbeeee Sat 06-Jun-15 09:51:50

I'm quite new in here so don't know the full story, but sounds like MIL is in a good place after a bit of a long ordeal to get her there (I can relate to that, my dad was eventually sectioned after refusing treatment and then after a catalogue of incidents, assaulted a neighbour). It's great that you have the reassurance that she's settled and safe. flowers It takes a bit of getting used to visiting , but it gets easier.
What's I find really weird is seeing my previously intellectual 'I listen only to difficult classical music' dad, singing (and dancing!!) along to the music man's Elvis interpretations. TBH he's not been this happy in years grin. Waving his tambourine.
In answer to your question, With my dad's dementia he gradually went fully Incontinent as part of the degeneration of the disease. He now has Parkinson's as well - again another fairly common development I'm told. His mobility has decreased quite a lot as a result of that (and all the sitting he does has depleted his fitness too). He's also gradually lost most of his speech and uses single words only, very spaced apart.
Have to say personally I've avoided reading too much about disease progression as it varies so much from person to person and I kind of don't want to know what's comimg. sad maybe I'm just a cowardy-custard.
I hope I haven't said too much.

whataboutbob Sat 13-Jun-15 20:01:25

Well done, it must be a huge relief, it's what everyone hopes for when they take the difficult decision to move a relative into residential care. Give yourself a big pat on the back (and maybe mix yourself a cocktail!).

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