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Ideas for my dgm

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Nocturne123 Tue 23-Dec-14 09:19:24

Hi everyone

My granny is 89 and has dementia . She still lives by herself so she's lucky that she's still able to for now .

My dgm has a phd and has spent so much of her life reading and learning. The dementia has made her forget how to read .

She has been doing ironing for my dm to help keep her occupied but now it has had to be taken away as it's too dangerous with her memory.

I know she's had a great life and is lucky that it's only hit her in the last ten years or so but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of anything to help her occupy herself given that she can't read /iron/cook Anymore . She can't stand just watching tv all the time.

It's a horrible disease and hard to see someone so educated become almost child like .

I'm sorry for anyone dealing with this awful disease especially those who are dealing with younger relatives .thanks

CoopedUp Tue 26-May-15 13:50:13

Nocturne. Have you thought about Singing for the Brain. Often run by Alzheimer's groups in the locality. There are also home & community support workers who visit a person with dementia and provide support to engage in activities like reading, crosswords, or getting out & about. Both of these services are provided by dementia charities in our area - information is often sourced through GP, carers groups or following the Care Act your local council has to have a care portal for information about services in your local area.

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