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Financial worries

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FreakinScaryCaaw Tue 14-Oct-14 14:59:44

Step MIL is in the throes of dementia and becoming OD at the bank. She's now incurring daily charges.

I've just made an appointment with an advisor at her usual bank. Hopefully they can help? Dp and possibly myself will go along with her.

She let dp and I look at her papers and on a statement I noticed a £100 payment to HRI. I queried this and she had no clue? When she rang Lloyds, with us present, they said it was heart research. She didn't know how this had happened? sad

She's constantly ringing wanting us to fix things. Any excuse for us to go over.

Her only dd is in Canada. She wants SMil to live there but SMil is reluctant. But then her dd tells us she's agreed?

I'm really worried about the fact she's still driving.

Bloody hate this disease. My darling aunt died of Parkinson's and her mind totally went.

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