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voucher code for drayton manor ?

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single1ds Thu 17-Jun-10 10:41:09

just wondering if anyone has a voucher code for dryton manor. normal tiket price is £28 but best deal i can find is £22 but when booking it also asked if i had a voucher code, so may be able to get it cheaper.
if anyone can help it would be very much apprecitated! thanks

cmt1375 Thu 17-Jun-10 10:47:57

I don't have a voucher code, however you can use tesco clubcard vouchers (£7.50 in vouchers per person) if you have any.

single1ds Thu 17-Jun-10 10:54:53

ahh thank you SO much cmt1375 for pointing this out. i do have some tesco vouchers so will use them!

SandyKB Wed 03-Aug-11 11:47:07

there's 2 for 1 (valid 28th October 2011) voucher available for print on Visit Heart of England website.

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