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Twinlakes, melton mowbry ................

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woodpops Mon 08-Aug-05 08:13:49

Anyone been?? We're thinking of going next week for my ds 4th birthday.

Stargazer Mon 08-Aug-05 08:19:55

Hi Woodpops - Twinlakes is a great place - I just wish it were nearer my home. We visit whenever we're at the in-laws. Children - DD 3½ and DS 9½ both love the place. There's lots to do - huge activity areas both under cover and outside. Lots of places to have picnics (and I'd recommend this as an idea) - Get there early - particularly if it looks like a nice day.
Hope this helps.

woodpops Mon 08-Aug-05 09:05:02

Thanks that's a great help. We were planning on taking a picnic I was just a bit worried the there would be enough for dd (2½) and ds (will be 4 that day) to do. We've been to Sundown and they both loved it. But we thought we'd try twinlakes as we're off to Devon on hol in Sept and they have a sister park (Woodlands) there

woodpops Wed 17-Aug-05 11:02:26

We went yesterday for ds 4th b'day and it was fab. We had the best day out. Ds and dd loved it even better me and dh l;oved it as well. You can really get stuck into it all with the kids and not just sit and watch them like most of these places. Suffering today though both me and dh are aching all over from all the walking and playing. We will deffinately be going again!!!

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