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Anyone been to Bird World?

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Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 21:55:55

Going tomorrow and just wondered what it was like?
I am not a big fan of birds either LOL

Celia2 Fri 05-Aug-05 22:00:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker Fri 05-Aug-05 22:01:33

Hmm...I went about 22 years ago. It may have changed since. I remember there were flamingoes. And I think parrots too. Seems likely.

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 22:02:29

As long as they don't fly around the place and are in cages I'll be okay

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 22:02:54

Pls don't say they have turkeys (hands in prayer position)

piffle Fri 05-Aug-05 22:03:20

The penguins were ace, there is certain "smell" in the summer time so be warned.
It was a really good day out with our kids one 2 and oen 10 so well worth a look around
Enjoy! (with nose plugs

piffle Fri 05-Aug-05 22:03:51

I never saw no turkeys...

hunkermunker Fri 05-Aug-05 22:04:41

There you go, BH

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 22:10:51

Thanks HM. Looks great

hunkermunker Fri 05-Aug-05 22:12:14

Just said to DH that we'll have to take DS there! It looks better than I remember (mind you, since I only remember stalky pink birds and something vague re parrots, that wouldn't be hard!).

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 22:17:12


You venture near BW without talkin to me and you is dead...............capiche

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 22:17:47


Where are you coming from ??

hunkermunker Fri 05-Aug-05 22:18:06

OMG, the gangster vibe is catching!

Noted, LGJ

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 22:18:48


Sorry, I appear to have been taken over by B99 for a mad moment.

Blossomhill Sun 07-Aug-05 10:00:15

A really good day. I would recommend it to anyone

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