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Disney on Ice - Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey

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Hulababy Tue 02-Aug-05 13:52:45

Just booked tickets for me and DD (3.5yo at time) to go and see Disney on Ice in November. Quite excited, as I just know DD is going to love it so much. Trouble is it is ages to wait!

We have pretty good seats by all accounts too. I didn't get ring side seats - £27 each, which I thought was a tad dear TBH. So went for the next stage down - at £14.50 each. We have central block tickets, front row middle seats. So, they should be really good for seeing.

Never been to one of these ice shows before.

BareFootAngel Tue 02-Aug-05 13:58:12

we went year before last ,,is great..but take snacks popcorn was £6.00!!! honest!

Hulababy Tue 02-Aug-05 16:55:03

I can imagine. We will sneak in our own juice and snacks

No doubt the souveniers DD will want will cost the earth too!

JulieF Sun 07-Aug-05 21:44:00

Which venue are you going to Hulababy? I used to work for one of the venues, selling the tickets for this. You definately DON'T want rinkside, especially if you have young children. You are too close, they are 2 rows of flat seats and you lose the overall picture. Personally my ideal seats would be about 6 rows up the 1st tier, facing the stage where the skaters enter the ice from.

Probably common sense but make sure you have no glass pop bottles or cans of pop. Cartons only.

Hulababy Mon 08-Aug-05 08:08:32

We are going to the Sheffield one - at the Hallam FM arena. We have seats on Row B - the first row of the next tier, behind rink side. The lady assured me they were good seats; hope so.

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