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Cheap days out in London with tweenagers.

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stleger Thu 28-Jul-05 11:16:31

I know I'm asking the impossible but... i'll be in London with 3 kids aged 9, 12 and 14. Dh will be working, we'll be based at a friend's house in Dulwich while they are borrowing our house. What is the best way to entertain them on a budget? I am a big fan of eating in places like chain store cafes rather than museums, bringing sandwiches if there is a park, that type of thing. Are there any recommendations for the best museums, markets etc.? Or rip offs to avoid?

janeite Thu 28-Jul-05 19:06:08

Natural History Museum and Science museum should keep them all amused for a few hours. I think that they are both still free, so if you took a picnic you could have a really cheap day.

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