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HELP! Looking for fun indoor water park with slides etc within reach of South London

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serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 11:20:42

Sorry to shout

I really want to take the kids to one of these next monday, as Dh has the day off work so we'll have the right adult/child ratio.

There used to be one in Purley which closed down a while ago but that was the only one I'm aware of. There seem to be a few further up north, out of reach of a day trip, but I can't believe there isn't anything similar here in the south east. What I want is something like this but nearer!

Somebody help me, I just want to take them somewhere different for a change! They are 7, 5 and 20mths btw.


Twiglett Tue 26-Jul-05 11:23:02

I was going to say croydon but didn't know it closed down

somebody told me the leisure centre in bromley is kitted out like a centreparks pool .. slides and stuff

sandyballs Tue 26-Jul-05 11:24:08

There's one in Guildford, which is only down the A3, not too far, or Coral Reef in Bracknell, Berkshire, a bit further.

Twiglett Tue 26-Jul-05 11:25:11

anything here?

serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 11:27:28

I've been to Bromley, and it has a slide and it is nice, but it's not day out nice iyswim! I suppose I'm looking for something like a very wet Chessington or Legoland

foxinsocks Tue 26-Jul-05 11:32:33

the spectrum centre in Guildford is worth a visit because there are other things you can do there as well (soft play) and the pools and slides are good

the coral reef waterworld in bracknell is a complete nightmare when busy - we also found the slides very disappointing - neither of ours were allowed to use the slides on their own so we had to accompany them and if you go with them on the slide, you are only allowed on one slide (the family slide) which had an enormous queue. Also the pool was so busy, you couldn't swim without knocking into someone else! It's probably ok when it's quiet and your eldest would love it as he/she could do the slides on your own but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for.

serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 11:33:09

Thanks Twiglett.

The Waterfront one in Woolwich sounds interesting. Has anyone been there?

foxinsocks Tue 26-Jul-05 11:33:39

having said all that, our kids have quite high expectations of water slides because they spend hours on the slides at center parcs!

foxinsocks Tue 26-Jul-05 11:34:20

spectrum centre

serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 11:40:24

LOL, just googled to find that! I like the look of that, Dh can take DSs and DD bowling afterwards and I can go skating I'll show it to DH tonight.

otto Tue 26-Jul-05 11:45:53

I think there is a new place in Beckenham. Is that any good for you? I'll do a search and see what I can find

Marina Tue 26-Jul-05 12:13:59

Hello serenity, the Waterfront in Woolwich is the nearest thing you are going to get in SE/S London I think.
It is a contracted out local authority pools (very well run but public sector in ambience IYSWIM) and, inevitably, busy in the school hols.
Also has a small but popular soft play area called Rascals.
The new thingy in Beckenham, Gambado, sounds good but I don't think water features. More like a soft play area deluxe from what I hear. Anyone been yet?

Blu Tue 26-Jul-05 12:18:18

I've heard good things about Beckenham, but don't know what features it has. What is there at Latchmere?

Branster Tue 26-Jul-05 12:19:59

spectrum in guildford!!!!

Xena Tue 26-Jul-05 12:23:37

The waterfront is good, but not a day out and you would need to pay seperatly for rascals, which anyone older than 5 would find to small. Swanley's whiteoak swimming pools has 3 good flumes, rapids etc and if its a nice day you could head down to the park at the bottom where there is a minature train and outdoor huge paddling pool.

Its a shame about the one on purley way, there used to be one in Dartford to called fantasies.

serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 12:25:41

Ooooh Marina, it looks rather fab I must say, have a look here!

I don't need DH for that one, so I think we might have to check that out ourselves. Actually, we're supposed to be going to Playtown in Croydon tomorrow but I think I'll twist BF's arm and see if she'll go there instead. If we do I'll report back tomorrow.

Getting very excited in a childish way, just showed DSs and they really want to go!

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 12:26:13

Gambado in Beckenham. No pool though.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 12:26:43

Looks good but expensive doesn't it Serenity

Marina Tue 26-Jul-05 12:28:40

I think a trip over to Copers Cope Road is in order for us, it does look great.
LOL xena ds is a bit of a midget at six and still finds plenty to squeal about in Rascals.
[off-topic] can't make KBear's August 2 Park Picnic but will CAT you both about meeting in Swanley. White Oaks must have improved a LOT since I was a child on school swimming lessons there!

Ameriscot2005 Tue 26-Jul-05 12:29:03

Coral Reef in Bracknell - coupled with a trip to the Look Out just across the road.

Marina Tue 26-Jul-05 12:30:35

But Soupy aren't you scouting around for a wallet-worrying luxe holiday? Surely you would not deny your poor little dragons a trip to Gambado on price grounds? Or is that just your excuse?
My criterion for soft-play area success is always do they supply free Nurofen for the poor parents...

serenity Tue 26-Jul-05 12:37:20

I was just trying to find the price of Playtown to compare, but there is a lot more at Gambados so I wouldn't quibble at a once on a while visit. DSs are particulary excited by the dodgems, plus the free internet access means I can put my feet up and report from there

Thanks for all the water park info btw, I've just got a bit sidetracked here

Marina Tue 26-Jul-05 12:38:29

Going over live to serenity in Beckenham...don't forget your moby so you can send us snaps as well...

otto Tue 26-Jul-05 15:27:05

I've just come across Wavelengths in Deptford on the Lewisham website. Has anybody been and is it suitable for a 17-month ds? He likes water alot.

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