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Where to go near Worcester in the rain?

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GeorginaA Sun 24-Jul-05 09:01:48


We were going to go out today - we've all been a bit stir crazy so we had the bright idea of going out for a long walk and a picnic (especially as it's been more overcast and not so hot lately).

However, we've woken up to rain and it's due to rain ALL DAY (bah). Still got to get out though - any ideas for places to go to interest a 4 and a 1 year old that won't be packed solid? (Wacky Warehouse et al are completely out because of that reason).

sassy Sun 24-Jul-05 09:23:45

How about atrip on the Severn Valley Railway?

GeorginaA Sun 24-Jul-05 09:38:30

hmm not a bad idea, although I'm not sure ds2 would sit still for that long on it

was thinking of eastnor castle as well - anyone been there and know if it's suitable for young kids?

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