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Cod/Ff what is the place called you recommend?

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Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 20:50:58

It was a country park?
How much does it cost?

Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 20:51:07


Janh Thu 14-Jul-05 20:51:31

Where? (Roughly)

Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 20:52:17


Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 20:53:26

As a childminder I need places to go in the summer, as we don't have enough to qualify for group rates it needs to be resonable priced.

Surfermum Thu 14-Jul-05 21:13:29

Is it Moores Valley in Verwood? I think it's about a fiver to park but there's nothing else to pay unless you want a ride on the train. It's fab there.

Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 21:28:05

Thats the one I was thinking of. Thanks Sufermum

Surfermum Thu 14-Jul-05 21:35:38

You need to get there early too as the car park can get full.

Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 21:37:33

Before I found its website, but I can't seem to now.

KBear Thu 14-Jul-05 21:58:31

Xena have you been to Swanley Park (also known as New Barn Park)? There is a paddling pool, a adventure playground, a boating lake, a mini train. Also a cafe. Great day out when the weather's nice.

Surfermum Thu 14-Jul-05 22:05:42

Could be because I spelt it Moores! Looks like it's Moors, try here .

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 22:06:02

Xena Thu 14-Jul-05 22:22:40

Thanks ff and sm, Kbear its on my list do you know what you have to pay for?

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 22:24:47

parking only
its really great
where are oyu again? think enid is nearere

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 22:25:04

tkae apicnic and a rubbish bag
no bins

KBear Thu 14-Jul-05 23:01:42

All you have to pay for are the boats and the deckchairs (which are £1). The rest is free!

fishfinger Fri 15-Jul-05 11:31:36

think oyu ahev the worng place

Enid Fri 15-Jul-05 11:33:34

I can't wait to go there (moores valley)

will be taking a trip in the school hols deffo

KBear Fri 15-Jul-05 18:25:21

we're talking about Swanley Park with the boats and the deckchairs fishy!

Kittypickle Fri 15-Jul-05 18:32:33

Just got back from Moores Valley, took them after school to run off some excess energy. Nearly was forced to eat DS's icecream at one point, as FF says, there are no bins and I stupidly forgot a plastic bag. Luckily he finished it and saved me from myself . They have a new system for the season ticket holders that automatically reads your car registration and opens the barrier automatically, I almost love that bit more than the actual place itself !

Marina Fri 15-Jul-05 21:22:16

Moors Valley is West Country, Swanley Park is Kent.
Hey KBear and Xena, I can get there on the bus and am off lots of the school hols. Fancy a mini-meet?
KBear, we live somewhere near each other and we work very close to each other. I bet we'll recognise each other from the scrum at London Bridge/Moorgate M & S you know...

fishfinger Fri 15-Jul-05 22:06:03

ooh i need top renew my season ticket

Eve Fri 15-Jul-05 22:11:34

kittypickle.... too! its thrilling to drive up to it and it opens, I tell boys its mums magic!
...I need to get out more!

KBear Sat 16-Jul-05 08:50:26

Marina - come and join us on the Greenwich park August 2nd picnic if you can. I'm up for a trip to Swanley Park as well - I'm off some of the summer holidays too. Hope this weather stays with us!

Xena Sat 16-Jul-05 22:40:17

I'm up for both meets, we went to Swanley Park today and the Dc's loved it, first time we've been and it took us ages to find the car park that the train leaves from, but well worth it.

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