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I need an indoor play place (or something!) off the M40 between High Wycombe and Oxford!

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essbee Sat 09-Jul-05 23:50:13

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 10-Jul-05 10:54:15

Message withdrawn

lemonice Sun 10-Jul-05 12:21:06

Has anybody been to this place Wellplace Zoo

flashingnose Sun 10-Jul-05 12:26:17

There is Odds Farm which is just off the M40 at Beaconsfield.

lemonice Mon 11-Jul-05 09:10:56

I've been trying to find a pub with a soft play area. The only one I can see is one in Aylesbury and i've forgotten the name already..

octavia Mon 11-Jul-05 21:46:31

There's Jungle mania in Bourne end ( just off the london road from high wycombe) activity world ( along the london road in high wycombe ) sports centre at high wycombe. Odds farm park, indoor and outdoor play areas, lovely day out, thats not far from high wycombe

octavia Mon 11-Jul-05 21:50:53

we have been to wellplace zoo lemonice.To be honest its a bit tired looking now but its a nice cheap day out if you take a picinic,the cafe isn't up to much really. The play area isn't bad , the guinea pigs roaming free are really sweet and there is a parrot that says hello to you !

mummytosteven Wed 13-Jul-05 00:18:59

IIRC there is a Laserquest in Central Oxford (Gloucester Green near the bus station) that's about all I can think of ....... otherwise am I allowed to suggest looking on the netmums website as they are good for local listings?

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 00:21:39

Message withdrawn

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 22:43:50

Hi essbee

Where is that wonderful child friendly, oasis for chats and wildness...?? It must be there somewhere?...

lemonice Sat 16-Jul-05 19:39:50

Essbee what about this one serves food all afternoon from 12.00 and has a play area..The Black Horse Fulmer

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