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New play centre near Manchester Airport

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KazCastille Fri 30-Oct-09 18:17:48

Have just taken my ten year old to the new play centre called Anchors Away near Manchester Airport. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and just needed to not have to do all the entertaining today whilst my husband was at work. This has seemed like the longest half term ever. My daughter had a wail of a time and the ninty minutes she was playing for seemed to fly by for her but for me it seemed like forever to be off my feet and relaxing. Really nice coffee and some scrummy cakes (I think the chef is wasted on kids!). It was so nice to have a decent space for adults rather than being treated as an afterthought. It was actually relaxing being there which must be a first and my daughter said all the equipment was really good and the slides had been polished to make them nice and fast. She has become a bit of a demon on sonic plays tennis or something on the X-Box too. I don't usually sit down to write this kind of thing but we both had such a good time I wanted to congratulate the staff and also to heartily recommend it to others. have fun - we did!

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