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Whipsnade in the rain?

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Nnaomi Thu 29-Oct-09 15:21:37


We have an extra day off school on Monday, so thought we'd head to somewhere that's usually busy in the holidays to take advantage. Legoland is closed, so was thinking of Whipsnade. Unfortunately the weather forecast is for heavy rain. We've never been before - is it a good place to head to in bad weather or will all the animals be hiding? Any other advice?

Thanks, Naomi

stilletoe Thu 29-Oct-09 15:37:36

I've been last month and the weather was overcast and drizzly. It didn't seem to put the animals off from being outside at all.

It is an absolutely great place to go for children and adults. You can take your car into the zoo and ride around, stop get out have a look and get back in again, but you have to pay £15 for the priviledge on top of your entry fee. We decided against this and parked in their car park, which did not cost this much.They have a bus which is free that will take you round the zoo also, if you did not want to walk, as it is very big.

There is tons to see and do and lots of places to eat, which cater for children and have healthy eating options (or you could take a picnic). Baby changing facilities are good also.

I,m planning on going back again soon, as it was such a nice place and my lo loved it.

Ps if you have toddlers, do take a buggy, as they will get tired on foot.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 29-Oct-09 15:51:33

We go to Whipsnade a lot (have season ticket). Imho it is no fun at all in the rain. The only real indoors bit is the spider/snake house (which is fab) but this gets very crowded indeed if it rains. There are shelters, of sorts, by some of the animals (lions, hippos, giraffes spring to mind).

The beauty of Whipsnade is that the animals live in huge open enclsures/fields. The downside of this is that if it starts raining you are invariably a long way from anything.

If you do go I recommend taking a picnic - the food at the cafe is grim.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 29-Oct-09 15:53:10

Fwiw, it isn't horribly overcrowded at the moment, despite half term, so you could consdier going while the good weather holds.

squeaver Thu 29-Oct-09 15:54:32

Honestly, I wouldn't go in the rain. Although you can stay in your car.

Why not the Aquarium or Science Museum instead?

Or even the Zoo, more indoor places there.

Nnaomi Thu 29-Oct-09 19:05:37

Thanks, all. I think we'll be heading to London Zoo with our umbrellas.


thrifty Thu 29-Oct-09 19:12:22

hi naomi,

I would also echo the dont bother in the rain. its vey spread out and a lot of walking.

however,have you considered woburn? you can drive round the safari park bit, takes about an hour,then you park up and there's the walk about bit,which takes the rest of the day. theres a great big indoor play barn thing. 2 good cafe's,one serves fast food but the other one serves lovely food. loads of different animals, train etc. you can use tesco clubcard day out vouchers to get in (its a bit pricey).

Nnaomi Wed 04-Nov-09 08:16:20

Thanks all - we ended up spending a lovely day wandering round RHS Wisley gardens in the sunshine! We're trying to choose some new trees for our garden. The boys had a great time with excellent worksheets, a fascinating greenhouse with banana trees, cacti etc, and a delicious lunch in the cafe. It cost £19 for 2 adults + 1 child, so not the cheapest day out, but definitely recommended.

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