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France anyone?

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sassi2004 Tue 14-Jun-05 21:13:17

Thinking of doing a day trip to France by car. Haven't a clue where to start. Any info would be a great help. Cheapest way to get there, where is best hypermarket etc?


pupuce Tue 14-Jun-05 21:18:06

Le Touquet is very nice

Hulababy Tue 14-Jun-05 21:23:15

Also recommend Le Touquet. Went last October and it was lovely. But maybe a bit far to drive is just going for day - depends on how far you have to travel in UK as well. Had some lovely shops there though, and a really nice beach.

sassi2004 Tue 14-Jun-05 21:29:56

Went Le Touquet in my last year at Secondary school (many years ago) for a weekend..... aaaaahhh yes I remember had a great time. Anyway live North London and really looking for a day trip but would def consider doing Le Touquet for a few days, isn't it expensive?

toothyboy Tue 14-Jun-05 22:38:03

Is it a booze cruise or family day out? If it's for booze, watch out for all the daily papers to do £10 to France for car and up to 4 passengers. Go to Calais - off the ferry follow everyone else to Cite Europe where there is a Tesco (booze only!); they sell all the same beer/wine/spirits as they do here only half the price and you can use your clubcard too - YAY! You'll need to be in France about 3-4 hours if you want to do that. Cite Europe is a MASSIVE shopping centre, so if you want to do a big shopping spree you'll need a lot longer!! Avoid the hypermarkets nearer the port as they are more expensive.
If it's a pleasant family day out, I can't help I'm afraid!!

grumpyfrumpy Wed 15-Jun-05 08:04:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikiyoung Mon 18-Jul-05 12:47:06


Try this link for a cheep day trip

£19 for a car on Euro-tunnel.
Offer should be on for a while AND OVER THE HOLLS BONUS!!!

Also try the aquarium "Nausicaa" in Boulogne friends have said how good it is.

If you are going for alcohol etc you can log onto tesco's vin plus and place your order before you go!!!- saves a bit of time with the kids!

Just got to renew my dd passport and we will be off!

Janh Mon 18-Jul-05 12:57:48

Wow - thanks for that, niki!

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