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Alexandra Palace - Fireworks display

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TheWorstWitch Sat 24-Oct-09 09:25:18

Has anyone been?
I'm a bit confused by website as there seems to be an indoor space for families.

Thinking of taking 2.5 year old DD but worried it might be all too much for her.

MegBusset Sat 24-Oct-09 23:45:46

Used to go every year when I lived nearby. It gets very, very crowded -- unless your DD likes crowds then I think it could be overwhelming. Dunno about the indoor space but it would certainly be extremely busy.

FluffyPumpkins Sun 25-Oct-09 00:02:17

We usually go.

it is impressive but like meg said does get busy but if you stay at top of the hill you will be fine. our dcs are 6,3,2, and 19 months and we will be going.

the ice skating is indoor fireworks are setoff at bottom of the hill..

lots of police/no sparklers past gate ect so safe too.

TheWorstWitch Mon 26-Oct-09 07:43:23

Just found out that some friends of ours go every year, so have offered to show us the way after supper at theirs smile

Dancemasters Thu 05-Nov-09 14:17:44

Hi. Just seen your thread about Ally Pally this year. Thought i would add a comment. I am the host of the show this year (same as the past 4 years) and would like to mention that we are staging a huge Children's disco show (ages 3-13) in the West Hall from 5pm. Competitions, prizes and all the music from High School Musical, Mamma Mia etc.

If you are coming to the palace, please come and say hello, I am sure the kids will love the disco and may give you time to relax while they dance!

I am also the MC for the actual fireworks and if you would like any dedications mentioned to the 50,000 people in the park, please feel free to email me - and I will do my best for you.

Hope you enjoy the show
Mark Colwill

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