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Things to do around Stockport at 28wks?

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CarryOnDancing Fri 23-Oct-09 15:46:25

Please help, me and DP have just moved to stockport area so have lost all our lovely local finds. We are used to the likes of warwick and leamington spa for village exploring, quaint tearooms, antique shops and local nature parks. We are looking for low budget finds for the basis of our new life in Cheshire, that will then hopefully adjust to our new family life.
Suggestions of anything and everything would be much appreciated-parks, garden centres, quirky fun.

Thanks in advance! smile

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Fri 23-Oct-09 22:52:28


anchovies Fri 23-Oct-09 23:00:19

It's not in stockport but it's not far away willowpool fab tea rooms and a great lunch.

Parks - do you have dc's now? If so Bruntwood is good, otherwise Lyme Park or a bit further away Tatton. Good events especially around Christmas.

Will have a think and come back with more!

ooh right - so it's just you and dp for the moment, before bump becomes baby?

There's Bruntwood park which will become a godsend when your baby is a toddler.

Dunham Massey is beautiful and worth going pre and post baby - lovely gardens, restaurant and shop (it's National Trust).

Same for Styal Mill which we love and Tatton and Lyme Park - all worth visiting and very easy to get to.

John Lewis at Cheadle is a must blush

Cheadle village is nice for a wander - small, individual shops.

Alderley Edge is beautiful - stunning walks and lovely town for shops, cafes and restaurants. We loved it before kids and the Edge itself and woods are perfect for the boys now.

Chelford (near Alderley Edge) has a huge car boot every Sunday if you're into that sort of thing - worth going for a bargain hunt.

Basically anywhere South of Wilmslow is worth exploring!

Jodrell Bank is around there as well and well worth a day trip as it's just so flipping amazing - and very cheap to visit from what I remember.

And a lovely day out, although further, is Buxton - fantastic botanical gardens, tea room, shop and lovely shops in the town itself.

Loads of other places probably but hope these give you some ideas! smile

DevilsEnticeMadness Fri 23-Oct-09 23:19:48

Stockport is pretty good there are a few museums but it is SCIENCE FESTIVAL next week
(24ish-31st October) plus it is just a train rid into machester where there is for free:
Museum of science and industry (MOSI)
Manchester Museum - dinosaurs
Manchester Art gallery - not ventured but heard they do stuff for the kids
Try this link its a bit out of date but has most of bits in from what can see.
There is torkington park that seems to do stuff for the kids in half terms/summer hols
Tatton park do tons of fun stuff ranging from their play ground and farm to re-enactment days
Nearby to tatton there is a falconery/bird of prey place.
Lymn Park is lovely for walking and riding bikes
The didsbury side has other parks and there is the bowl plex etc at pars wood. So it depends on how far you want to travel and by what method as to what there is to do.

Personally the plan is a day trip to cheshire oaks and blue planet and beach over on wirral on day this week and the Imperial war museum North at salford another day. SO one car trip and one train and tram from where i am. Also thinking about a candle workshop trip (near Biddoulph Grange- also worth a visit if you like gardens and kids need a run about)

Suggest you get the to the local tourist info as there are a number of publications about that tell you what is going on where.

carocaro Fri 23-Oct-09 23:21:06

Here Here to all those things listed!

Tatton Park is on my doorstep, it's National Trust but you have to pay for the car park, £4 a go, but you can buy a monthly £10, 2, 3, 4, montly pass at the gates as you go.

Then you can go as often as you like, great food although pricey, great gardens, adventure playground.

Knutsford is lovley too for a wander about.

Hale Village cute.

The Edge, up in Alderley is great for walks.

Have you picked up anyh of the free family type magazines, Little Tigers I think, normally in the library.

Have you stared an ante-natal classes yet, this will help you meet people and get to know the area.

Manchester has lots of great museums, all free, Manchester Art Gallery, The Lowry, URBIS.

There is also a world famous hat museum in Stockport, never been!

North Wales coast is also great, plus you have the Lake District all an hour and a bits drive away.

Lots of stuff to do!

DevilsEnticeMadness Fri 23-Oct-09 23:23:13

eek missed the bump bit when writing the novel.

Joderall bank is £3 per adult and gets you into the center and the 3D cinema.

Bakewell is a bit further out from Buxton but is worth it for the fish and chips and the views on the way over. Plus you can feed the fish whilst you feed the ducks.

Soo much to do. So much fun to have. Life here is lovely.

Oh and if you is not in the know -cheshire oaks is our local discount outlet place. thorntons misshape - Yum.

carocaro Fri 23-Oct-09 23:26:19

Some more....

Pencil Museum, Beatrix Potter Museum in Cumbria

Pedlars shop and cafe in Wales, near Chester

Hollies Farm Shop and cafe - Little Budworth and Tarporley

Head Over Heels play centre, when the baby comes, Chortlon cum Hardy

Tatton Park has a tourist info kiosk near the main park, stuffed fullof leaflets etc

carocaro Fri 23-Oct-09 23:27:02

I agree DEM!

CarryOnDancing Mon 26-Oct-09 10:20:09

Thankyou! These are all fantastic, I was forever hopeful but I didn't imagine I'd get such a list. I will start exploring immediately for when bump becomes baby.

My antenatal classes start in a couple of weeks so hopefully that will really help too.

I am particularly thrilled to learn of a car boot EVERY week!!

You guys are great, I am feeling much better about the move now!

indiewitch Mon 26-Oct-09 10:26:01

Stockport anytime pretty dull. I know, I grew up there.
Get into Manchester, far more going on.

CarryOnDancing Mon 26-Oct-09 10:38:04

Also willowpool looks great!

Anifrangapani Mon 26-Oct-09 10:50:13

Dark Peak is also great - Hayfield, Edale, down the valley to Hope. Loads of caves to explore as well as hill walking and tea shops.
Canal walks in Whaley Bridge and New Mills ( Millenium walk way is fantastic)

When the baby is a little bigger our kids love the Chestnut Centre (otters and owls) and Donkey Sanctury.

Ours 2 are 5 & 7 now - both love hill walking, fell running and orienteering. Also loads of Geocaching (spelling) in the area.

There are also country fairs, mainly in the summer - Edale, Hayfield sheep dog trials ( sadly you have just missed them), Hayfield May Queen ( 8th May) New Mills May Queen.

So long as you get out of Stockport there is a huge amount to do.

I'm taking ds's to the Stockport Air Raid shelters tomorrow - am sadly very exciting - haven't been before but have heard it's really good and right under our feet in the middle of Stockport! air raid shelter museum

DevilsEnticeMadness Mon 26-Oct-09 21:31:33

Brilliant Dotty - ds would love that and havent been able to find a link to it. Thanks!

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