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birthday treat for 3yr DS

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chelseamorning Fri 23-Oct-09 13:17:58

Our DS is 3 on Monday. For a number of health reasons, we're unable to get together with the family this year for a party, so DP and I thought we'd take him somewhere special for the day instead. Unfortunately it's Half-Term so we'd like to avoid the big crowds if possible.

Can anyone please suggest some days out/activities? He's into the usual 3yr old boy stuff:

anything with an engine (especially if he can 'drive' it! grin)
climbing/tearing around

We've done Legoland to death (season ticket), Whipsnade Zoo, Odds Farm, etc. We live in South Bucks and would be willing to travel about 1.5hrs each way.


twinklytoes Fri 23-Oct-09 21:08:44

how about the look out at bracknell? indoor science museum all hands on and out door activity area. woods for walks or cycling if you take bikes. the look out tower to climb. food on site good too. opposite side of road is a leisure pool with wave machine if weather bad. all free except the science bit but that isn't too bad.

or in other direction head up to hatton country world - off j15 of m40 if you want animals, ride on tractors and theres a new jcb ride on park aswell. there's a money off voucher somewhere too - will go and find it.

twinklytoes Fri 23-Oct-09 21:13:47

hatton voucher child goes free so will be £20 not £30 for entry for 3. although its a main attraction in the area, because its all outdoors, it shouldn't be so busy, mainly season ticket holders.

chelseamorning Sat 24-Oct-09 20:15:40

Fab! Thanks, twinklytoes!

We've just booked a day hire for a canal boat today but will definitely keep it in mind for another weekend trip. Thanks so much!

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