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Somewhere to stop & visit between Manc & S London with 3 yr old?

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nct73 Wed 21-Oct-09 22:21:18

Travelling to London (East Dulwich to be exact) from Manchester for half term with a 4.5 month baby & a nearly 3 yr old and am in need of recommendations of places to stop where we can eat but also stretch legs and see something interesting or even just some playing. Am intending to take M6 - M1 route. Please help. Ta.

sjcmum Thu 22-Oct-09 19:57:26

Look and see if there is a National Trust place about half way - generally very baby and child friendly. Plenty of safe space to run about and good cakes usually too! We've done it quite often to break long journeys and our kids are similar age to yours. (It does help if you are a member already mind you, as otherwise could be a bit pricey)

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