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Walking in the woods in Coniston!

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roisin Sat 11-Jun-05 15:59:21

Dh recently spent an inspiring day with Ray Mears

Today we went up to Coniston, and he was showing the boys loads of exciting things in the woods ... he thinks he's Mr Jungle Explorer now!

Seriously though, all the boys had a fab time. They are now out in the garden trying to start a fire - WITHOUT MATCHES!, and using some birch bark we found.

Being [whatever the opposite of anarchists is] we couldn't bring ourselves to light a fire up there in the woods, when the Forestry Commission signs said not to! So we brought the stuff back here to do it in our back garden - LOL

WideWebWitch Sat 11-Jun-05 16:00:04

Conformists? Ha ha at not being able to bring yourself to disobey a sign!

Gobbledigook Sat 11-Jun-05 16:02:18

Sounds great! Can't wait till mine are old enough to do walks - still way too little really!

roisin Sat 11-Jun-05 16:10:39

Conformists - that's the word!

The fire is now started - what is it with boys and fire? I just don't get it. It takes at least 10 mins to light a fire this way ... so why not just use a gas lighter, or matches?!

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 16:15:03

DH went on one of those mad survivalist weekends (it was his 50th birthday present from work) - learnt how to start fires, eat worms and not wash his hands for 2 days whatever he touched

JoolsToo Sat 11-Jun-05 16:16:22

Ah! I have been up the Langdale Pikes today - could have crossed you on the road! (well half way up anyway - I'm pooped!)

roisin Sat 11-Jun-05 16:38:24

Fab day wasn't it Joolstoo: fine but not too warm. I keep hoping it's going to rain soon this eve, otherwise I'll have to water the garden!

LOL Janh. Dh really enjoyed his day, but said he was grateful I hadn't booked him on the 2 week "Survival in the Arctic" course.

JoolsToo Sat 11-Jun-05 19:09:31

it was warm going up the mountain roisin! quite sunny at times too - lovely day

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