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Family Tickets?

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morethan2point4 Sun 11-Oct-09 20:28:12

We are trying to identify how many Day Out Venues and leisure attractions, across the UK, offer Family Tickets that include more than just two children. Ideally, these Flexible Family Tickets would include all adults and children in your family, whether thats 2A and 3C or 2A and 5C (like our neighbours!)Some examples of venues and organisations already doing just this, include National Trust (both adults and all children resident at the registered address), The Big Sheep in Devon (families of more than four receive a 50p discount per ticket) and At-Bristol (family ticket for 2A and 2C but extra children can be added at discounted rate). Do you know of any others? Are you a large or step family that regularly struggles to included in Family Tickets, as well as being excluded from Kids Go Free promotions? We have launched a campaign, through our website,, to encourage Day Out venues to consider large families in their ticketing decisions, and would really appreciate your contribution. We also thank Mumsnet for their support in allowing us to post this request.

MaryBS Mon 12-Oct-09 09:55:29

Drayton Manor are very flexible with their pricing.

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