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How would you spend a day in London with DH and no DCs?

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bristols Mon 05-Oct-09 20:14:30

DSes are off to nursery for the day on Thursday and DH and I are off into London for the day to celebrate our wedding anniversary. He has booked lunch for us already, but what to do with the rest of the day?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received...

zebramummy Mon 05-Oct-09 20:22:05

well, what are you into: long walks, art, shopping (prob not on a date though?!) - do you want to stay nr the restaurant (if so where is it?) or would you be ok with hopping on the tube? just want to get a better idea

janeite Mon 05-Oct-09 20:27:05

Tate Modern and/or Britain and/or V&A.

Coffee and cake somewhere lovely.

National Portrait Gallery or Wellcome Collection, or Wallace Collection.

Afternoon drinks somewhere lovely.

Walk down by the river if the weather is nice.

nowwearefour Mon 05-Oct-09 20:27:43

defo art gallery and a long lingering lunch. it is surprising how much time they can take up! otherwise, a walk by the river near eg gabriel's wharf?

TheWorstWitch Mon 05-Oct-09 20:31:33

would you have time to go to theatre or rep film at NFT or something like that?

bristols Mon 05-Oct-09 20:34:23

We're going to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Royal Hospital Road. Is near to Chelsea embankment.

Am happy to go on tube but don't want to spend too long down there! Like to walk (if it's not raining) and coffee and cake somewhere sounds great. Have been to the Wallace Collection previously. Very up DH's street, but not particularly mine.

BonsoirAnna Mon 05-Oct-09 20:35:14

DP and I often spend a day in London together, and this summer we spent three days and two nights there alone smile. We laze around in bed, go out for meals, wander around the shops and generally just enjoy one another's company...

mackerel Mon 05-Oct-09 20:35:18

In bed! wink

VinoEsmeralda Mon 05-Oct-09 20:36:38

agree with the last 2 replies wink

bristols Mon 05-Oct-09 20:38:05

Need to leave London by half four/five.

bristols Mon 05-Oct-09 20:39:06

I did wonder about getting a hotel for the afternoon blush grin

Is that possible??

zebramummy Mon 05-Oct-09 21:19:39

right - the restaurant you have chosen is already v romantic as they have about fifteen tables so you really get pampered. if the weather is good, i would take a canal boat from little venice ( and either 'feel young and cool again' in camden or walk on to primrose hill where the view from the top is breathtaking. if weather is not good, how about a champagne flight on the london eye?

zebramummy Mon 05-Oct-09 21:22:17

something like this

bristols Mon 05-Oct-09 22:22:32

Thanks Zebra. DH has chosen restaurant so I will give him a gold star already! Canal boat ride sounds great. Am already really looking forward to it.

colditz Mon 05-Oct-09 22:23:55

look here

bristols Tue 06-Oct-09 22:11:23

Colditz - good plan! (And I see you chose the picture of our body doubles!)

bristols Thu 08-Oct-09 20:40:28

Well we had the most fantastic day. Got into London at about 11.40 after a lazy morning in bed wink

Went to the restaurant for our table at 12.30 and didn't leave until gone 3! We were just eating (lots), chatting, drinking and enjoying each other's company. We didn't really have much time for anything else as we were back on the train at 4.10 to collect the boys from nursery.

The weather was great so we had a little wander around and up to the tube station.

Thanks for all your suggestions, will save them for next time!

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