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Where to go instead of Harrods grotto ?

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mumto2andnomore Wed 30-Sep-09 09:22:41

I missed out on tickets this year (dont get me started on that one !) so wondered where else we could go ?

The children (6 and 10 ) want to eat at the rainforest cafe again so something christmassy for a couple of hours would be good.

I saw the list of grottos someone posted but didnt really see anything exciting.

Might have a look round Harrods anyway and ask if there are any cancellations, when we went last year they had announcements saying there were spaces.

Kew Gardens are good at Christmas but not exactly convenient for Rainforest Cafe.

Ice skating at Somerset House (you'll need to book)?

Christmas market at Natural History Museum?

There tends to be something on the South Bank for a couple of weeks before Christmas, although I haven't read anything about it yet this year.

Thread Wed 30-Sep-09 10:05:16

<huge apologies for hijack, but, Professor, sorry for calling your posting style 'wolfish' yesterday -- it was an oblique way of asking if you were Vulpusina in disguise, which I now think you are not.>

Yes, I realised that -- was trying to think of a witty and sparkling way of saying that I wasn't, but was initially plumb out of wit and sparkle and then forgot to come back and say it in a dull and pedestrian manner blush.

mumto2andnomore Wed 30-Sep-09 15:54:27

Thanks for the ideas

Very pleased that Ive now managed to get harrods tickets for the day we wanted, it pays to complain !

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