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colchester zoo compared to London

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loulabelle222 Wed 01-Jun-05 23:20:24

I just wanted to recommend Colchester zoo. took ds for his first birthday and he loved it especially the lions and the elephants as you can get right up close. I went london zoo about a year ago and i was really disappointed. No elephants, the penguins were kept in a dirty tank and everything was extremly over priced and nothing special. Colchester zoo is all for the kids and is a really good day out. We went in the pouring rain but it was still one of the best days out that we have had as a family ! Ds was so excited!

Davros Thu 02-Jun-05 20:48:17

The elephants got moved to Whipsnade after they killed a keeper....

lukesmama Sat 04-Jun-05 20:47:04

Just been to Colchester Zoo today and was going to say how brilliant it was,DS loved it and spent the whole day running around totally excited.DH and I thought it was fab too,haven't been to London zoo for a few years think we may just go back to Colchester as there was so much to see and do.

Xena Sat 04-Jun-05 20:48:15

Love colchester zoo, but just wanted to say that London Zoo has moved the penguins to a nice new area

Beccles Sat 04-Jun-05 21:21:36

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 04-Jun-05 21:23:16

as a colchester resident, i am more likely to rave about Colchester Zoo, but i will admit - IT IS FANTASTIC!

Me and DH took dd a few months ago and although she was too young to care - she was about 8 months - we LOVED it... got to feed a girraffe!

Dior Sat 04-Jun-05 21:23:24

Message withdrawn

loulabelle222 Sun 05-Jun-05 02:44:36

also Colchester zoo keeps u fit with all those hills! Really was a day to remember. Dp has a few days off this week which i am really looking forward to we are going to take ds now he is walking and hopefully the wheather will be better! I can't wait!

spagblog Sun 05-Jun-05 07:56:01

Love Colchester zoo too. Last time we went I got to feed an elephant. DD always gets her face painted there. Only downside is that it is a bit hilly and tricky for heavy buggies.

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